Avoid The Rage Monster
The silent killer that ends many relationships!

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How to avoid the silent ticking time bomb in relationships - You will learn what happens when communication breaks and overwhelm happens in a relationship.  We call this the petty offense file.  When a woman feels dishonored or has hurt feelings, overwhelm happens which can tear apart a relationship. We show you how to heal a relationship where the partnership or communication has been broken and how to avoid this silent ticking time bomb that can destroy your relationship.

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What is the Rage Monster? The rage monster is an explosion the feminine builds up over time. Silently building up until one day a seemingly insignificant event causes an explosion.
Partnership is counterintuitive and you will learn how to diffuse the anger/fight/argument once it has began.  Sometimes we can’t help it and the “toilet flush effect” has began.
 In this program you will get cheat sheets to diffusing a rage monster which shows up differently in different modes.  You will learn to identify it and use the cards to both your advantages to help you diffuse a situation that can turn into dynamite!

Restoring Partnership and Connection:  Once there has been an explosion, an outburst of anger, or even the silent treatment, what next?

This can be a defining point.  In this program you will learn the best partnership choices to healing a broken line of trust, or lack of communication, or needs not being met.  If we don’t heal this part, there are consequences of dishonor and mistrust that will circle around the relationship and end up tearing it apart unless this restoration happens as listed in this module.

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