Intimacy Vs. Sex

Create more satisfaction and connection by recognizing your partner’s present sexual needs and supporting them in having enough sex. Learning how to understand the difference between when your partner wants Intimacy and when they just want sex
(aka quickie)

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Know the difference of Intimacy and orgasm? Master knowing what your partner needs and wants.
Know exactly how to express to your partner what you want and what you need so they can be set up to win
 Go through the questions to know yourself better and ask your partner that will help you elicit there love strategy and share yours in a fun playful way.

Learn what Hunting Mode and Gathering Mode truly is and how it relates to having more intimacy.  What is the difference between intimacy and Orgasm and learn how to master what you and your partner really need in that moment.

Learn how the 6 human needs can increase your love and intimacy with your partner.  Intimacy is all about familiarity where orgasm is about mystery.  The key is to know the difference and how to provide what your partner wants so they only have eye's for you.

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